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Calici, located in the heart of Belsize Village offers a sophisticated ambience for great authentic Italian dining. Our intention was to create a space that alludes to both the culinary cultures that live in the centre of London and those of the diverse Italian regions.


When it comes to our menu, we ensure the freshest seasonal ingredients are used in all our dishes. Our passion lies in making true authentic Italian cuisine with ingredients handpicked directly from the producers.


Offering sustainable wine is at the heart of what we do: when we search for new wines, we always have something specific in mind.  It is essential that they embody character and are produced in the most natural way possible.


Our philosophy is to import producers that demonstrate a responsible and sustainable approach to viticulture and winemaking. At Calici, many of our producers are already working sustainably making the best possible wine with the least possible intervention in the vineyard and winery.


In a contemporary and yet relaxed setting, your dining experience at Calici will always be with filled great memories


Come for an aperitif at the Bar. We have over 50 wines by the glass that you can enjoy, whilst snacking on some small plates or indulging in one of our many food platters. We also serve Italian artisan beer and an array of gins and spirits.

Our Menu


With a  cellar full of fantastic wine calls please feel free to ask our sommelier for recommendation for wine and food pairing. From Barolo to Chablis, we have something for everyone.
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Throughout the year, come rain or shine, we will be hosting great events in the restaurant. Most of our calendar will be occupied by tastings or introductions of new producers from Italy, others will be filled with entertainment and, needless to say, a good glass of wine.

Our Events

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